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Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop (Personal License)
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Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop is an excellent tool if you need to restore information from corrupted Adobe Photoshop files

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Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop is a compact application for recovering data from damaged Photoshop (*.psd) files which is easy to use. We did everything possible to enable even new computer users to restore their data very quickly and without any difficulties. The interface of the program is created as a step-by-step wizard which allows you to select a corrupted file, analyze its structure and restore information investing a minimum effort into it. At the first step you will choose the file for recovery. You will be asked to enter its name and path into a field located in the center of the program window or alternatively use the standard open file dialog. It is also possible to choose one of the recently used files from a drop-down list (it can be opened by clicking a button with a small triangle to the right part of the input field). Once the first step is done, click the Next button.

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The second step will allow you reviewing the detailed structure of the file and the objects within it: layers, headers and properties. You can click to objects in the list to see the parameters of each. Use the next step to pick the file you want to use for saving the restored information. In the end of the process the program will show you the report of actions performed and it will be the final step.

Warning: the demo version of the software will add random noises to recovered pictures. You need to buy the license to remove this limitation.

Note that you can change the recovery settings at any time during the recovery process by clicking the Back button.

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We are used to believing that the modern equipment will save our data from electronic disaster but we forget that no system is 100 percent protected from corruption and it can let you down when you will not expect this. It can become a real tragedy when you have a deadline at your work and all files you need are absolutely damaged. Sadly, any of the most powerful and sophisticated software (that Adobe Photoshop apparently belongs to) has no protection from such accidents. And considering the huge amount of users around the world who use this program for doing serious creative job, the ability to restore information from Photoshop files becomes really precious. If you are one of those who feel the same, Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop will suit you best!

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There is a source file submission function available in case if the original file was corrupted very seriously and the program fails to recover it in the automatic mode. The current file will be attached to a new email right after you click the Send source file to developers button. The software authors will assist you with the recovery of your data manually and it will help them to improve the algorithms of the program.

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You will save you time thanks to Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop an its ability to restore the results of your hard work. You will get the best software with an excellent quality service as a result of tremendous efforts made by its authors. The Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop will restore data from extremely corrupted files while the other recovery methods will give up on it.