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The Rorschach Performance Assessment System (R-PAS) is an approach to using the Rorschach inkblot test in applied practice. R-PAS grounds the Rorschach in its evidence base, improves its normative foundation, integrates international findings, reduces examiner variability, and increases utility. All while maintaining clinical richness and keeping the needs of the new learner in mind. It is being developed by Gregory Meyer, Donald Viglione, Joni Mihura, Robert Erard, and Philip Erdberg, along with Fabiano Miguel.

Our goal is to have a clinically rich, evidence-based, logically transparent, user-friendly, internationally-focused system of behavioral assessment with inkblot stimuli that is available for applied practice and generates sound inferences. Towards this end, R-PAS provides everything one needs to conduct an individualized Rorschach assessment, including:
  • evidence-based variable selection
  • detailed guidelines for test administration
  • concise procedures to optimize the number of responses
  • basic rules and advanced guidelines for coding responses
  • detailed guidelines for clarifying coding uncertainties
  • new internationally-based normative reference values
  • form quality tables that emphasize both accuracy and conventionality
  • data presentation using easy-to-read graphs of percentile-based standard scores
  • case-based interpretive guides that can be downloaded and edited
  • the ability to adjust for protocol complexity to see what stands out as distinctive
  • scoring using any web-enabled platform
  • translations underway into many languages